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poem-erudition September 17, 2015

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We gathered together,

grad students celebrating scholarly excellence,

and discussed philosophy, narrative,

collaboration, theory and practice.

Should such a gathering be called

an erudition of grad students?


8 Responses to “poem-erudition”

  1. I’m not sure. I had to google the word ‘erudition’ to learn its meaning. I suppose that would leave me out of the conversation…. Funny that such a word would be defined as the expression of knowledge…. Without knowing its specific background – surely latin though – I must surmise that I am simply in-erud, or perhaps just not erud enough to participate…. But I do have big muscles and still think you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen! Erud or not – you, dear Shawn, are always special!

    • lol
      Yes. Latin. From ERUDIRE-to train, to instruct. Past participle is ERUDITUS, leading to our English adjective ERUDITE and then the noun form ERUDITION. 🙂 (I love word etymologies. I find it fascinating to explore these transitions).

      • And….your brain makes my muscles look really small…! Be gentle with us old single-syllable seniors Shawnee…. You’ve got some heavy fire power girl…

      • My husband and I courted over the Trivial Pursuit. We’d play full wedge games in under 30 mins, and gather a crowd around us doing so. It’s astonishing how much completely useless information is packed into our brains! He is amazing with old black and white movies- actors, actresses, dates and the science questions (that came from growing up with a biology professor father). I usually wiped him up on the literature and history questions. Fun days. 🙂

  2. Erudition is an elevated level of understanding, so hopefully, yes.

  3. narble Says:

    Was beer involved?

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