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poem-light May 30, 2017

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You’re a beacon, baby

Oh yeah.

You flicker like a flame

and I come to you.

I’m a lost ship.

I’m a moth.

You’re a candle

when the power’s out.

You’re a flashlight

slicing through the night.

You’re a beacon, baby.

Bring me home.




Hmm. Sounds like it wants to be a song, doesn’t it?


poem- dalliance November 11, 2014

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This is a glimmer

and it will be flame.

She is danger

and you are not fire fighter

enough to avoid

being burnt.


Poem- oh September 14, 2014

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My gaze settles

on a dimpled grin

eyes laughing

amid the  crowded din

Your eyes find mine

grow hooded,

and your smile

stretches languidly.

The din disappears

as we spin a web

between us.

Who is spider?

Who is fly?


poem- if June 3, 2014

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if his eyes

had not captured yours

held them tightly

until you flushed from toes

to hair tips

unable to break free from his gaze

then you would

would not be here now


wishing for the moon.


poem- beautiful October 27, 2013

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I love you

I want to be with you

he said

but I can’t ever call you beautiful

I’ll say lovely

and that’s better

She nodded uncertainly

wondering what that meant

Years later

she reminded him of his words.

I was an ass,

he said.

But he still could not

bring himself

to say the word.


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