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Poem- oh September 14, 2014

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My gaze settles

on a dimpled grin

eyes laughing

amid the  crowded din

Your eyes find mine

grow hooded,

and your smile

stretches languidly.

The din disappears

as we spin a web

between us.

Who is spider?

Who is fly?


24 Responses to “Poem- oh”

  1. Melody J Haislip Says:

    I had a very similar experience when I met my 2-1/2 wk old great niece a few years ago. But in this case, I know I am the fly. I fell totally under her spell. 🙂

  2. georgiakevin Says:

    What a sweet poem.

  3. I love the last two lines:-) H x

  4. dramonovich Says:

    Person to person interaction or is it person versus person. Reading you fascinating poem, perhaps the jury would still deliberate. Thank you for the taste of our sometimes quirky humanity.

  5. jensenempire2551 Says:

    Love this piece Mrs Bird, did i get it right?

  6. … eyes becoming hooded … what a great image!

  7. ”stretches languidly” … I love your poems. They inspire me.

  8. yeoldefoole Says:


  9. dokurtybitz Says:

    love your writing, whether poems or articles, hell this one makes me wanna hop into the web

  10. fais Says:

    i love it when u write in this style 🙂

  11. racheltoalson Says:


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