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poem- dalliance November 11, 2014

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This is a glimmer

and it will be flame.

She is danger

and you are not fire fighter

enough to avoid

being burnt.


18 Responses to “poem- dalliance”

  1. syl65 Says:

    A femme fatale, watch out!

  2. davidprosser Says:

    Reminder to self, Buy asbestos gloves. I’m all ready for a dalliance now in case I get any offers.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. Ashok Misra Says:

    Glimmer, flame, danger- the power of ‘she’. Awesome!

    • And why so many men are afraid of being manipulated by their own lack of control, that they have to deprive women of basic rights. Scary, eh?

      • Ashok Misra Says:

        Good question, but wrong man! I’m not the one who lacks self control or seeks to deprive women of their basic rights. I’m a proud father of two daughters who never craved for a son after they came. They are my biggest assets and friends of course besides my wife. As for depriving women of their basic rights. I stand against all types of unfairness to women, and I am proud to say I got this lesson from my mother. Mothers are invariably the first and the greatest teachers for their sons. So let them play an active role in putting their sons on the right path to make life better for women in special and humanity at large. Thank you so much for bringing up this genuine issue through your beautiful poem.

      • That’s an important message, Ashok. You’re right. Mothers need take that active role, but the fathers must show the respect to the wives, to ensure the message is unequivocal.

      • Ashok Misra Says:

        Absolutely right! Men must show due respect and love for the wives, and even kids. They must take all the care needed to make their household a home full of warmth and happiness. Thank you very much for your positive insights. I had withheld the men’s point deliberately, expecting your reaction/response over it. Your complaint is pretty valid. The only thing is how to change the age old mentalities. Awareness, awakening is coming and with that, let us hope, the much needed change would come too.

  4. This happened to me, twice, last year. Twice singed, forever shy.

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