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geek joke July 10, 2014

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Bwa ha ha ha ha!  This totally cracks me up!  (Having played a theremin, and all)



If this doesn’t make sense to you, here is  theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore in action:



poem- crap! March 27, 2014

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T’is the season

snow is melting

that’s the reason

things are smelling

Get the shovel

bag all  the crap

shoulder muscles

ache while it splats

into the bag

Excrement is

winter’s last joke:

dog- doo dizzy

I want to choke!


Home from vacation and duty calls!  Yuck.  The back yard melt reveals  a lot of mess.  Gross.




light June 13, 2012

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I had modified a round plastic lamp shade into a bowl by putting a couple pieces of tape across the hole at the bottom.  It was sitting out where it had just served as a draw bucket for a game of charades with my drama class.

We were waiting for the bell.  Rylee picked up the lamp shade and set it on his head.

Justin looked up and said, “Hey Rylee, feeling a little light headed?”


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