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poem- committing November 1, 2020

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if I think I will

I’m often wrong.

if I say it aloud

sometimes I will

if I tell you I will

then I usually will

if you say that I can’t

then I will.




Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo and on many years, that’d mean I’d be busy getting out my 1667 words, but I came to the realization that I produce really crappy books in the pressure of NaNo, so instead, I am going to endeavour to post a new poem every day this month.

As well, I plan to get some pieces submitted, so my goal to submit or publish 20 pieces in 2020 is achieved. So far, 11 submissions, 9 to go. If I can find a few places that accept simultaneous submissions, I might manage to get all 9 off in a day! Stay tuned.



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poem-loyal November 28, 2015

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You think it’s a good idea to help someone out,

to help friends stay together..

So she wasn’t the first choice; it was a nice thing to do,

and she was thankful, for a little while,

but then she grabbed at other opportunities,

shunned the faith entrusted in her.

And in a desperate time,

abandoned the team.

I didn’t want her back.  Disloyalty is the greatest wrong.

To accept responsibility and then on a whim to leave,

throws trust back at the giver, laughs at them.

But she returned, and slowly trust was growing,

but here we are again.

Repeating the story.

It’s simply a lack of integrity when your commitments

mean nothing.  We are to train our students in ‘soft skills’

for the new workforce.  Here’s an important one:

be reliably trustworthy.

If you demonstrate a lack of commitment,

you will never get a good recommendation,

because no one will be committed to you.

It’s hard to earn trust and too easy to destroy it.

Once your lack of  honour has been displayed,

you wear it like a beacon that declares:





poem- confidence November 27, 2014

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There is security,

profoundly deep,

knowing that whatever

needs to be done

will be done,

without me having to ask.


There is gratitude,,

profoundly deep,

knowing that whatever

I need

will be met,

without argument.


There is peace,

profoundly deep,

knowing that whatever

happens, I can trust you,

to be there.


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