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poem-then July 2, 2014

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The dorm rang with

youthful enthusiasm.

We were learning to live,

expanding our limits,

and searching for a future.

So many years

and you are different

and the same.

We’re still learning,

expanding our limits,

contemplating our journeys,

and the next turn of the road.




Had a nice visit with folks I attended college with thirty years ago.  So much is different, but so much remains the same whenever you meet old friends, doesn’t it?  (It’s that ‘time has pleats’ thing again!)




Why go to college? December 9, 2011

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I stumbled on this excellent essay today by professor Kip Wheeler, a Chaucer scholar who teaches in Tennessee at Carson-Newman College. What Professors Expect discusses the value of a liberal arts education, and explores the true purpose of going through the educational process.  Worth a read for students pondering their options and goals.


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