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poem-then July 2, 2014

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The dorm rang with

youthful enthusiasm.

We were learning to live,

expanding our limits,

and searching for a future.

So many years

and you are different

and the same.

We’re still learning,

expanding our limits,

contemplating our journeys,

and the next turn of the road.




Had a nice visit with folks I attended college with thirty years ago.  So much is different, but so much remains the same whenever you meet old friends, doesn’t it?  (It’s that ‘time has pleats’ thing again!)




13 Responses to “poem-then”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    …and it never stops

  2. sophiebowns Says:


  3. colonialist Says:

    We don’t FEEL that different, do we? We just remember further back than we could in those days.

  4. Embracing a Wounded Soul Says:

    So true . . .

  5. words4jp Says:

    Time has pleats – I like this saying. I have never heard it before.

    • That’s ’cause I made it up, in the poem of that title (click link) 😉

      • words4jp Says:

        Oops – sorry I am an idiot. I am reading on my iPad and did recognize the link thingy. Also, I miss this poem back in June. Sorry. But I will say – this is a great saying. I say it could be saying!! ( I am also operating on 3 hours of sleep, sorry;)

      • lol Well. I said it, so does that make it a saying? 😉 Let’s make it famous, shall we?

        This 3 hours thing is making my head ache. Hope you’re feeling all right. It was lovely to have out of town company this morning, but it would have been wise if I had not gone to bed after 4:30, since I *did* know they were coming! lol Summer is hard. 😉

      • words4jp Says:

        i am good – you are right the summer thing is hard. being a human taxi is quite ‘taxiing’. 🙂

      • lol
        I don’t miss that stage.

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