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poem-fickle August 9, 2014

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when in Calgary

changes her clothes

with the dizzying

rapidity of a thirteen year old

trying to figure out

what to wear to the school dance,

then rushes off

leaving chaos in her wake.



rain power June 22, 2013

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Morning rain

pouring over drains


overflowing weirs.

Rivers risen,


heading for places

no river should be.

We could see roads

but brown water


fills houses

rushes, hisses.

Morning rain,

Warnings reign.

Please water,





For my friends and their families in Southern Alberta suffering from the massive flooding throughout the region.  May people, pets, and possesssions be reunited without damage.  May insurance cover the rebuilding!  May rebuilding be prompt.


Grace Awakening in Calgary October 3, 2012

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So, following on the videos of sites from Grace Awakening Power, I thought I should probably include some videos of sites from Grace Awakening Dreams, which is set in Calgary.  So here is Fish Creek Park, where Ben and Grace picnicked and he played her a special tune:



and here is the Calgary Tower(enjoy the saucy music!).  I’m sad to report that they no longer have the informative recording in the elevator!



and here’s the C train, Light Right Transit.  This video starts at Chinook station, which is approximately where Grace has the encounter with the knife. She’s off the train by 39th Street with the police.



impression & memory September 30, 2011

I was watching the move The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day and was intrigued with this quote.  Benjamin says of the lady who taught him to play piano:

It’s funny how sometimes the people we remember the least make the greatest impression on us.

For example, my grade three teacher at Sam Livingston Elementary in Calgary was Mrs. Thompson.  I don’t remember anything about her, except her name and her face in the pink fortrel dress in my class photo.  However, it was Mrs. Thompson who first encouraged me to write down my many stories, and first gave me an audience for them, as she had my share them regularly during show and tell.  That encouragement was the first step on a long journey.

Who made a huge impact on your life, though you ‘remember least’ about them?


Places where the Graces are… (part one) July 23, 2011

Readers who aren’t from Calgary are going to be really confused about the weather described in Awakening Dreams. Weather in Calgary is complicated. Here’s a really good youTube video that explains the phenomenon of the Chinook, which brings warm, dry weather and can melt feet of snow in a few hours as temperatures soar to 21 Celsius (~70 Fahrenheit), as well as the reasons why there’s been snow in Calgary every month of the year!.



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