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Grace Awakening in Calgary October 3, 2012

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So, following on the videos of sites from Grace Awakening Power, I thought I should probably include some videos of sites from Grace Awakening Dreams, which is set in Calgary.  So here is Fish Creek Park, where Ben and Grace picnicked and he played her a special tune:



and here is the Calgary Tower(enjoy the saucy music!).  I’m sad to report that they no longer have the informative recording in the elevator!



and here’s the C train, Light Right Transit.  This video starts at Chinook station, which is approximately where Grace has the encounter with the knife. She’s off the train by 39th Street with the police.



2 Responses to “Grace Awakening in Calgary”

  1. sondra500 Says:

    I love the idea of giving readers a view into your character’s experience – nicely done!

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