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poem-fickle August 9, 2014

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when in Calgary

changes her clothes

with the dizzying

rapidity of a thirteen year old

trying to figure out

what to wear to the school dance,

then rushes off

leaving chaos in her wake.



rain power June 22, 2013

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Morning rain

pouring over drains


overflowing weirs.

Rivers risen,


heading for places

no river should be.

We could see roads

but brown water


fills houses

rushes, hisses.

Morning rain,

Warnings reign.

Please water,





For my friends and their families in Southern Alberta suffering from the massive flooding throughout the region.  May people, pets, and possesssions be reunited without damage.  May insurance cover the rebuilding!  May rebuilding be prompt.


Canadian, eh! July 1, 2012

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In honour of Canada’s birthday, here is a video from Christina who lives in Alberta, about things from Canada.



Someday, I want to go to Ottawa to see the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill.  Here’s a flash mob among the crowds waiting for events to get under way.  Note to self: it looks like you have to go early, especially in years when royalty is attending!



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