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Black out poem 2 August 26, 2022

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Black out poem 2 reads as follows:

I see you.
You look to her.
(There were good books).
You take my hand.
We reach a tie, sure
in this glance.
So, the line “There were good books” is really a contextual juxtaposition. What’s going on? Is the speaker separating her real life with books and imagining a different ending? Is it all happening in books? Do the books somehow alter behaviour of the speaker and her love interest? What do you think?


5 Responses to “Black out poem 2”

  1. trE Says:

    Hi, Shawn. I truly love your poetry, but I have an eye disease called keratoconus on top of other visual impairments that make these black out poems truly hard for me to actually see so that I can read them. Are you able to enter the text too for what the blackout poem shows?

  2. You should set the images to ‘original size’ to get the best resolution then resize the image to the size you want. WordPress defaults to large size which is reduced resolution, and this looks like you chose maybe medium or small. But the ‘size’ refers to file size and you can resize the dimensions to anything. Hopefully this helps and sorry if you knew all of this!

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