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Black out poem 3 August 27, 2022

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Black out poem 3 reads as follows:

I pass
My show.
I wave time.
I bind a problem.
I lock my smile
I burn this sign.


(Note the use of the poetic device anaphora in the last 4 lines (i.e. beginning the lines with the same word)


Black out poem 2 August 26, 2022

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Black out poem 2 reads as follows:

I see you.
You look to her.
(There were good books).
You take my hand.
We reach a tie, sure
in this glance.
So, the line “There were good books” is really a contextual juxtaposition. What’s going on? Is the speaker separating her real life with books and imagining a different ending? Is it all happening in books? Do the books somehow alter behaviour of the speaker and her love interest? What do you think?


Black out poem 1 August 25, 2022

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“Black out poem 1” reads as follows:
if I faint
Let me go.
stop me
carry me


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