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poem-invisibility November 16, 2018

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You have to pour paint

over your transparency,

if you want to be visible.


9 Responses to “poem-invisibility”

  1. Why must I change the me I prefer, due to the inadequacies of others? Or perhaps those who wish to perceive the real me as I am, should learn to…squint?

    • I’m thinking of the experience of feeling unhappily invisible in a relationship or professional situation. You know, the ‘why me?’ grumblings, there are just excuses. If we want to be visible, we need to make ourselves known instead of disappearing… Now, if YOU want to remain invisible, because you never want to be noticed, and you never grumble about the fact, that’s an entirely different matter. This poem is about self-change for self-sake, not others forcing change.

      • I’m sorry, I was being sardonic as someone resting movement forward through self-sabotage and unable to find acceptance of being alone without being lonely. I’ll be more comic restrained in the future. Promise…

  2. Minnie Says:

    Very interesting!

  3. How true! Your words apply to writers as well as so much more.

  4. Susi Bocks Says:

    Oh, I misread it initially, Shawn! I thought this was a unique way of detailing how to create the masks we wear when I read “if you want to be invisible” LOL Reading it correctly now, I think you meant we get noticed when we add color to our lives?

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