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poem-thinking of you September 3, 2017

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Today, I’m thinking of you,

new friend, met for a weekend,

those intense moments of stretching

ourselves into expectation,

birthing pains.

I find your words here,

between the pages,

and hear the anguish of your loss.

I remember our late night conversation,

the smile you fought for as you shared.

I’m thinking of you,

and wishing you lightness,



6 Responses to “poem-thinking of you”

  1. You seem to be referring to a newly-discovered author. I am having a similar discourse with Paolo Coelho, having just first read “The Alchemist”.

    • 🙂 It happens frequently when we ‘meet’ an author through his/her work, doesn’t it.

      Specifically, in this poem I was writing about a poet I met at a retreat this summer, as I was reading through her book it was reminding me of some of our late night conversations.

  2. Errol Hugh Says:

    Interesting and thoughtful….

  3. MJ Donnelly Says:

    Those intimate moments are rich fodder for poetry, and they fill us up.

    Wonderful writing.

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