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poem-good company August 24, 2014

In this time

I can watch a TV show

and share thoughts



and sighs

with others watching


all across the country.

Humming Twitter feed

makes for good


Unlike chickens.



#OutlanderCAN #kiltit  This poem references a famous line from the first really intimate conversation between Jamie and Claire

“When I woke, I was trussed up in the wagon wi’ the chickens, jolting down the road to Fort William.”

“I see, I said quietly,  “I’m sorry.  It must have been terrible for you.”

“Oh, aye.  Chickens are verra poor company, especially on a long journey.”

Diana Gabaldon. Outlander Toronto: Seal Books. p. 90


17 Responses to “poem-good company”

  1. Haha nice 😀 and I ve nominated you for the one lovely blog award :)if you please u may visit my blog for the details 🙂

  2. When did you last have a chicken on your lap? 😉

    • lol It’s a line from Outlander. A very intense scene. Jamie explains to Claire how after a beating, he passed out, then awoke on a cart, trussed up with the chickens.
      With great sympathy Claire says, “It must have been terrible for you.”
      Jamie replies, “Oh aye. Chickens are verra poor company.”
      It’s one of the first times we get a glimpse of his sense of humour, and how he knows how to make people comfortable.

      • Aye, he dissnae ken chickens! 😉 we haven’t seen it yet – it might affect the Independence debates!

      • I was amused by Diana’s statement that there is no proof that the upcoming vote is the reason the show hasn’t been signed. Of course, no proof doesn’t mean it isn’t true! The execs have just been smart enough not to let the plan leak.

        People would have to be stupid not to figure out that’s the issue, particularly with so many YES advocating Scots among the cast/crew. At an interview, after saying it’s not her country and she doesn’t have an opinion, she said something about ‘you haven’t been able to come together on anything for more than 10 years, do you think you’ll be able to now’ but the rest of her comment was cut off. Rather suspiciously, I thought. Like BBC was manipulating her comment. That wouldn’t happen, would it? (ha ha)

      • Hands raised in horror! The BEEB biased? It’ll all be over soon…

      • I know.
        The shock of it!

  3. bethwesson Says:

    Chickens are verra poor company. Love his sense of humor. Laugh out loud you are so adorable humor. So, happy for Canada! #UKtvneedsOutander

  4. Lorien Says:

    I wish I could watch!!!

    • Are you living in one of those “Outlander-free” zones? (i.e. UK) My condolences! DVDs will get there eventually. Know anyone talented on the computer? They have skills that work like methadone…

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