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poem-promise December 3, 2016

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Snow hugs the hills and

draping lower with slow purpose.

Flakes flip and fall, settle for a moment

Their white crystals paradoxically painting pavement black.

Winter is coming closer with every flake.


16 Responses to “poem-promise”

  1. Fiza Says:

    Yup, I’d never thought that I would miss winter. But I do!

  2. We’ve had two mini-storms, so far. Looks like it may be a dry December, though.

    • We’ve got snow on the grass but not on the roads at this point. It’s hovering around refrigerator temperatures at the moment. It usually doesn’t get particularly cold or snowy until January.

  3. Kaushik Prasad Says:

    Beautifully penned. ☺

  4. syl65 Says:

    First snowfall here now..

  5. Yamini Says:

    Winters make everything gorgeous!!

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