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Poem- babies April 17, 2016

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Twenty-nine years ago today

I held a baby in my arms,

after 9 months of nurturing her

under my heart.  Reading everything on

growing the best baby, checking off the nutritional

requirements every day,

doing my best to be the best mom.

Dreaming about her future, who she might be.

Today, I hold a baby in my lap,

a black ball of fluff that wags its tail at me.

I studied its pedigree and now,

I watch training videos and imagine the fun we’ll have.

I might be a better puppy mommy?

We’ll see.






10 Responses to “Poem- babies”

  1. Almost thought you were about to become a Grandma!! 🙂 I’m a pet Mommy to one Tuxedo cat named Sylvester.

    • Yeah, that’s a logical continuation isn’t it? 😉 I was amused to play it a different way. 🙂 Old baby, new baby. Just as much work! lol Kiltti wears me out, I’m going to bed much earlier these days.

  2. Prior-01 Says:

    happy bday to your now grown baby –

  3. Nurturing is like the tide- one wave ebbs, another comes in.

  4. Tena Carr Says:

    What kind of puppy?

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