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poem- matchless October 15, 2015

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“I want a wood fire,” she sighed.

“Go light a match on the porch,” he said,

“and never say I don’t support

your dreams.”




Oh, the sarcasm!  But since they don’t have a fireplace in their house, I guess this is the best that could be managed.


13 Responses to “poem- matchless”

  1. hooklineandinkwell Says:

    some guys have to have it completely laid out in detail…:) next time to go to the back yard, dig a hole, gather wood (not too much), light it, keep an eye on it, and make sure it’s out before you leave 😀

  2. Having a fire outdoors is good in a pinch, but definitely not romantic.

  3. Haha! Love a little sarcasm!

  4. Nick Gibbs Says:

    That is a fantastically withering takedown, I just had to stop in and say. Thank you for an involuntary snort of amusement and tea.

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