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poem- Ode to the @ShawFireLog December 23, 2013

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Oh beautious fire

Seeking to break

from the TV screen

and to devour

the drapes forever

out of reach.

I feel your pseudo-warmth

and hear your rich

crackling call.

Festive fire

Turned and fed

by the flannel

garbed arm,

you will not harm,

shoot cinders far,

force risk by axe

splitting logs, or

lugging them inside.

My floors are clean

but lack the lingering

scent of cold pine.

Yet still, you remind me

of fires from Christmases past

and fires yet to be.

You are quite festive enough

for me.

(This poem appeared in Runo Päivässä ~ Poem a Day. Turenki, Finland: Kantarelli Publishing. 2014)


13 Responses to “poem- Ode to the @ShawFireLog”

  1. Hi!
    Would you be interested in publishing this poem in our collection “Poems for every day”? The poets get one copy of the book and their picture in the cover of the book. The book will be available in, and several other web-bookstores as well as e-book. Poets retain their copyright.

    Kind regards,
    Jani Karlsson
    Head of publishing
    Cabin Books /Kanttarelli Publishing

  2. pi314chron Says:

    Love the subtle humor of this one! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Shawn!


  3. This poem brings back memories of my Mom watching the Yule Log on TV channel 11 years ago when I was a child. My mother was mesmerized by this fake log which just sat there like the “Burning Bush” in the Bible, you know burning but never consumed. It was accompanied by Christmas carols. I suppose that was her quiet time. Maybe she was thinking about Christmas past in Dayton, Ohio during the 30s and 40s when she was young. Thank you for the Holiday flashback.

    • Our log does not play carols. I think they need a channel that does! Sometimes I like the crackle of the fire, but sometimes, I’d like to hear carols. They need 2 fire logs, I think. 😉

  4. Reblogged this on Shawn L. Bird and commented:

    As I listen to the fire crackling on the TV, it occurs to me to share this poem from last year… 🙂

  5. I’ve absorbed a lot of heat from log TV ads, and DVD’s, over the years- plus a fair amount of moonlight. 🙂

  6. hooklineandinkwell Says:


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