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poem-screw you! July 3, 2015

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Oh you, Screw,

exiting from bone

seeking a new home

pushing through my skin

in increasing agonies of effort.

As we part ways, may I state

that while I appreciate you having held me together

during that stint of cold weather,

it’d be great if you stay in place until

the surgeon takes you away!

(This ankle pain rankles me).


(I only wish this one was figurative, rather than literal!)


16 Responses to “poem-screw you!”

  1. I enjoy your work greatly!

  2. Prayers for healing, and for the screw to be gone when Doc says it’s time-hopefully before another BC winter.

  3. Adrian B Says:

    Funny poem, but I hope it’s not from your experience. All the best.

  4. I hated to click the like button, but it is an expressive poem, well done. My sincere sympathy!

  5. hakeem Says:

    A humorous indictment of severe pain. You are really a great poet.

  6. writing, writing, words words words. Says:

    I love it here 🙂 Thanks as always, Shawn. Feeling for you and your ankle!

  7. seanbidd Says:

    Like changing lanes, hope all the wheels stay on for you…

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