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poem- vibrations November 5, 2014

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I feel the vibration

reverberating down my back

drilling between shoulder blades

pushing at my temples.

Simple questions

snarky answers.

Simple expectations

superior refusals.

Patience is very thin

The end of the rope has frayed


Here’s a tent.

and a sleeping bag,

if you’d prefer?

The massage will work

out the kinks,

settle the tension,

return balance,

but when I’m back,

you’ll still be here,

sending out those vibrations

that are breaking down

my nervous system.



8 Responses to “poem- vibrations”

  1. meganmkohli Says:

    I sense teacher tension! Keep doing the good work!

  2. I think this poem is outstanding and someone should gift you with a three week paid vacation to Canyon Ranch Health Spa with a Free series of deep tissue massages accompanied by intense peace, quiet, calm, rest and relaxation!

    In the meantime please allow Carole King to serenade you!

    I Feel The Earth Move – Carole King

  3. Ouch. Painful and tense.

  4. Every rose has its thorns. The main thing is to not let them prick you incessantly. Be good to yourself, and fair to all. The tent and the sleeping bag might do the irritating presence a world of good.

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