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poem- grandma June 28, 2014

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I have lost her words

The narrative spun away

across the void of time.

I no longer hear her voice

echoing through my mind.

But here

a grocery list

a flash of history

Though mostly she is lost

to time and left

a mystery.


15 Responses to “poem- grandma”

  1. pi314chron Says:

    Elegant! One of my favorite words to describe a favorite poem. Shawn, this gem is deserving of inclusion in a college anthology…or at the very least, spray-painted on the side of a bridge! Wonderful in the extreme!


  2. crwrothwell Says:

    So sad and so sweet x

  3. Annette Rochelle Aben Says:

    never knew my Grandmothers… this gives me some insight of what it may have been like to have one xoxo

  4. What a lovely poem, Shawn! I am truly enjoying your blog.

    Best wishes,

  5. ilsedekker Says:

    Very beautiful!

  6. Nice. Love the conciseness. I just wrote about my grandfather-and imagining the grandmother I never knew.

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