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poem- universal messages June 1, 2014

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Strangers in the mall.  Abridged.

“Excuse me?

Can I just say, you look beautiful?

You’re so vibrant and joyful!”

“Why, thank you.

I was just told at a writing conference

that I am colorful and songful.”

“Oh yes! What a perfect description! You are!

What writing conference was this?

I’ve always wanted to write!

The universe has brought you to me

to give me this message!”

“I hope you’ll join us next year,

please say hello.  I’ll still look like

this, but hopefully there’ll be less of me.”

“Oh! There’s less of ME!  I just lost 40 lbs,

just walking and cutting out chips.”

“Well done!

Clearly the universe brought you to me today.”



4 Responses to “poem- universal messages”

  1. Lorien Says:

    I love meeting friendly strangers who are full of enthusiasm. Except for when I’m on an airplane and I just want to sleep. But even then, if I allow my heart to be open, I really enjoy the connection I can share with other human beings…reminds me that we are never alone…reminds me that we are all more alike than dissimilar.

  2. First, I like this. Did I like it? I can’t remember, in all the excitement I have forgotten. But this is, well, good, though, to tell the truth, there is something about it that makes me uneasy, maybe it’s the unfathomable workings of the universe within a shopping mall.

    The President and Founder

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