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Poem-book journeys July 11, 2013

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I’ve travelled roads I’ve never walked

Leapt chasms I’ve not seen

Met madmen, trolls, and dreamers, and

watched lovers, lairds and queens.

I’ve journeyed to the future, friend

and I’ve explored the past

I’ve heard the thoughts of robots, dogs,

slaves, aliens and rats.

I’ve been around this great wide earth

and fantastic worlds, too

I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes, and

I’ve swum in oceans blue

A magic travel agency’s

in pages if you look.

Explore lives you’ve not imagined,

Come sit Β and read a book.


31 Responses to “Poem-book journeys”

  1. Johnny Ojanpera Says:

    That was very nice.

  2. Love this Shawn! Books are what have kept me sane πŸ™‚ In fact I do not know how I would have survived my childhood without meeting those characters and going on adventures with them πŸ™‚

  3. That’s reading in a nutshell. Nicely put Shawn. xxx Hugs xxx

  4. Bee Says:

    I like it . Your words have a lot of meaning

  5. 1writeplace Says:

    Absolutely wonderful. You win the best reader’s poem I have ever read award :>)
    You’ve got to publish it, sell it, plaster it across the land, sea and sky.
    Thank you,

  6. Eric Says:

    I love your word choice that rose from your poem’s beginning. I love your theme. I have a couple of suggestions to make this flow a little better. Take the first “and” out of your 8th line. At the very last line, leave a punch in your same meter. Like “Come with me, read a book!” Or something along those lines. You have a wonderful style. Love to follow your writing, dear.

    • If you read carefully, you’ll see that the poem is in iambic meter throughout, so it needs that ‘and’ in the 8th line in order not to switch into trochaic.

      In the last line, to follow your suggestion it’d make the first and third foot trochaic, and the middle one spondee, so it definitely wouldn’t scan properly!

      The problem you’re feeling may be more to do with the fact that there are different numbers of feet on each line…?

      • Eric Says:

        Colleges bring ruin to the best of artists. πŸ˜‰

      • lol Most of my poetry knowledge came from high school! πŸ˜‰

      • Eric Says:

        I knew I should have said high school! You are a brilliant poet. Let the professors in 50 years be able to teach a class that highlights the Shawn L. Bird style of poetry! πŸ˜€

      • lol It’s just that in university they didn’t do anything about meter, it was all about meaning. I’m pretty sure Mr. Collier and wikipedia taught me everything I know about meter! πŸ˜‰

  7. Annie's Muse Says:

    Shawn — I am so addicted to books and reading. This poem is my life as though you were dancing in my brain, crawling from behind my eyes and putting my thoughts on the page. This speaks volumes:

    The words create a magic travel agency
    in pages if you look.
    Explore some lives you’ve not imagined friend,
    Come sit with me and read a book.

  8. Kay Salady Says:

    I like this piece so much because it promotes reading. Great image!

  9. words4jp Says:

    You hit the nail in the head!!

  10. seanbidd Says:

    Worlds missed, and traveled…

  11. ettis Says:

    I miss reading books.

  12. zeesl Says:

    The ending is perfect…I had no idea this was about reading, but I was hooked from the beginning and then bam! Absolutely accurate, I love this!

  13. Thanks for the follow. And lovely blog. A bit of a starting problem as to what to read first, but then somehow, I landed on this beautiful poem. Enjoyed it πŸ™‚

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