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new library locks April 22, 2013

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In the four hours

I spent

trying fruitlessly

to load a library book

on my new e-reader,

I could have driven

to the library

taken out the book,

read it,

and returned it.



I have a new e-reader, since my Sony died this weekend.  The Kobo Glo is quite sleek and light weight and the screen is fantastic.  However, it does not seem to want to transfer library books.  I’m feeling a trifle grumpy with Kobo today, despite the fact that they show all my books in their catalogue and on preview. (Though some as Shawn Bird and others as Shawn L. Bird- what’s with that?).  Anyone have a secret method of getting library books to transfer?  I”m using Adobe Digital Editions, and I’ve tried dropping and clicking files from my download location to the Kobo, which worked with all my existing e-library, but didn’t with the new library book. Suggestions?


19 Responses to “new library locks”

  1. jhosack87 Says:

    I recently wrote a poem about how we are a slave to the cord (I am most of all!)
    I really love this poem that you put up here. Where I don’t have any suggestions about the e-library question, I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate that poem you put up. It’s so poinant and beautiful. It’s also a great representation of our culture today.

    Sometimes to get things immediately is not as good as working for it!

    That’s what I try to tell the college freshmen I teach. I’m sure they will get it … eventually.

    AWESOME post.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear about that. I can see why you’re annoyed. 😦

  3. hughiegibson Says:

    I buy books on my Kindle but do not check them out from the library anymore, it is TOO much trouble. I live 2 blocks from my local library and walk there all the time, I LOVE IT!!! Feeling your pain

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Well, Kindle isn’t compatible with library downloads, which is why I didn’t get a Kindle. I don’t like their proprietary attitude. With my last e-reader, I’d get a library notification, log in, plug in the e-reader, hit ‘download’ and I’d be reading my library book within about 45 seconds. I’m sure that once Kobo and I have figured each other out, it will work just as smoothly. We’re just not that intimate yet, and it’s not ready to reveal its secrets!

  4. ioniamartin Says:

    Wish I could help, but I had one of the first gen kobos. I took it back and bought a Kindle, so I know nothing about the Kobo anymore. I have heard that they have improved a lot though since the clunky machine I bought. I wish you the very best of luck and loved your comments about being able to check out a book in the time it took. 🙂

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      I have to say, I love reading on an e-reader.

      I also like having my books available internationally with absolutely no effort. I like that a $3.99 ebook provides better royalties than a $20 conventional book. That is spreading value everywhere! I like that I can afford to offer a book for 99c!

      Now if only I could get the library thing working smoothly, I’d be completely happy! 🙂

  5. yeoldefoole Says:

    ha! I love it!

  6. Geo Sans Says:

    I’ve been

    on the outside

    waiting to dip the toe



    it is time

    to jump

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  8. CUTE…and so true! My bank upgraded their system,
    But I haven’t the wisdom…
    To pick a password
    That’s clearly preferred,
    There may have been clues, but I’ve missed them! —Jonathan Caswell

    My Mom was certified in English and History, with a Master degree in Education. I have an M.S.E.—Biology (1983)…came out when my kind of teacher was a dime a dozen. Rather ahead of the current trends, I’m working Security as a Guard! Come see my blog!?!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      We have a surplus of teachers and declining enrollment around here, but there is always a job of some sort or other. I hope that by this time next year I’m almost finished a MEd. I’m looking forward to the fun and challenge of my research project. Though I’m wondering how I’ll balance finishing a novel or two, maintaining the blog, teaching full-time, and doing the degree.

  9. So true Shawn, a treatise on the adore / despise relationship we all (at one time or another, REGARDLESS of age) have with technology! Thanks for the visit to my blog and I’m glad you enjoyed the posts, I am following you now (no stalking intended, JaJaJa) and am thrilled to see what you have in store! 😀 Jamy

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