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kilt complications November 21, 2011

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I set out to make a kilt using instructions from the internet.  I wish I’d had photos of every tiny step in the procedure because after hand pleating and ironing and pinning for 7 hours, then hand stitching (using the prescribed tiny felling stitch, even though it looks wrong to me) 31 shaped pleats from hip to waist for 8 hours.

Because today, while trying to figure out exactly how to attach the waistband, I discovered that there should be a couple inches of the waist measurement, (in other words, the narrowest point of all 31 pleats should have been 1.5 inches lower than I have sewn them.

8 hours it took to put in those 31 pleats.



Now I have to study the finished kilt and see if there is a sneaky way of fixing this without having to re-do all of the pleats.  I wish I’d found this out yesterday.  >>sigh<<

It fits absolutely perfectly as it is, which makes it even more irritating to have to raise the waist.  No point whining.

I have stitches to pick out.


One Response to “kilt complications”

  1. Keren Huyter Says:

    GRRRRRRR!! I hate that! Good luck!

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