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Love song October 2, 2011

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Lying in the afterglow

Replete with loving,

My head dances with flutes and violins.

A happy haunting

of my own song,

a lullaby of love,

a token from then,

lulling me

as I’m full to bursting

with now.


Submitted to week 7 Poetry Picnic  If you are visiting from the picnic, please include a link to your own submission with any comment.  Thank you!


6 Responses to “Love song”

  1. Morning Says:

    love song for yourself, this is great.


  2. I love your long song and how well you have expressed the meaning and feeling of love

  3. brian Says:

    sounds like you have a beautiful song playing ut in your life right now…keep dancing…smiles.

  4. this is way too cool.
    keep singing.

    How is your day?

    Time flies, appreciated your handsome inputs to our poetry picnic.

    Share a random poem today.
    Bless you.
    Happy December,
    Enjoy A Wonderful Wednesday Ahead.


  5. Thomas Davis Says:

    This is direct, lyrical, and a song that makes all right with the world, to paraphrase Robert Browning, an English poet.

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