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Poem-Fire of you July 10, 2011

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This poem was written as a submission to the Burnaby Writers Society Poetry contest.  The theme was fire, and poets were encouraged to interpret the theme.  Still 2 months before winners will be announced.  

September 2011: This one was a contest finalist! Yay!


You reached

into the flames

and  plucked an ember

that glowed with

happiness and hope

upon your palm.


In the

wavering sphere

of gold and crimson

light, I glimpsed our

future in flickering



But when I reached to take it in my grasp

you clasped

your fist closed,

so the glow

of my hope






“No,” you said.

“It will burn you.”


Truth scorched through

the kindness in your eyes, but could not

extinguish my anguish,

even as you wrapped me in your arms

and murmured worthless words of consolation.


I didn’t want your wisdom.

I wanted fire.


28 Responses to “Poem-Fire of you”

  1. Vikki Says:

    Exquisite. We can be fools for fire.

  2. Vikki Says:

    This fits in Grace. Especialy end of Book 1.

  3. robin Says:

    powerful words. i re-read more than once… nice. -robin

  4. Awesome! A wonderful depiction of the pain of a love desired and not attained!

  5. Jingle Says:

    love the imagery
    welcome back, Happy Potluck.

  6. hey neat. this is really good. I do dig it.

  7. Mr. Watson Says:

    This is great! Love ur style!

  8. great piece and good visual

  9. Debbie Says:

    Wow – well done, well conveyed –

    Debbie, Razzle, Indy, Owen and Paisley

  10. Reblogged this on Shawn L. Bird and commented:

    Another re-post of an old favourite, as I try to get some words done on my CampNaNoWriMo project!

  11. Geo Sans Says:

    w o w


    brilliant last lines

  12. quarksire Says:

    trippy, an yup a bittersweet one it be:)…chow….Q

  13. Mike Says:

    Superb. The clarity of the metaphor carries the reader into your emotional capillaries and the allegorical phrasing beautifully exposes the poetic narrative. Very well done – conceptionally and artistically.

  14. irinadim Says:

    Beautiful! And congratulations on being the finalist!

    • I so rarely enter contests, because everything I write, I write for the blog, and then it’s considered ‘published’ and ineligible for submission. ;-S

      • there are many places to submit poems that do not count personal blogs as publication. most of them specify in their guidelines. i like this poem…it reminds me of something i wrote last year, which i half want to put on my blog, and half want to save until i hear back… but i have a good classified page i look at regularly for calls for submissions. it’s called “new pages” and is probably easily found with a search, if you are interested.

      • Thanks for the link!

  15. Heartafire Says:

    Reblogged this on Heartafire's Blog.

  16. Wow! This has me in awe 🙂 Loved it… and how the glow of hope spills from fingers, could actually visualize it.. beautiful, thanks for sharing this 🙂

  17. erbiage Says:

    oh, that fire! that’s what it means to be alive

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