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greatness August 15, 2010

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Each of us is called to be the best we can be.  We are not called to mediocrity.  Very few of us can rise to embrace  our call on our own.  It takes commitment, effort, and encouragement to achieve greatness.  Let us remember that while we work toward our own success, it is our responsibility to help guide others to their success as well.  We can achieve great things when we work together.  Let us be thankful for the opportunities we have in Rotary to work together, as well as for the people we meet who inspire us to greatness, and whom we inspire.


26 Responses to “greatness”

  1. Don Clarke Says:

    I plan to use this invocation for this Friday’s meeting, January 21st, of the Rotary Club of Gilford, New Hampshire. District 7870.
    Thank you,
    Don Clarke

  2. Sandy Fortier Says:

    I would like to use this at the Juneau Rotary Club meeting in Juneau, Alaska, tomorrow, July 8, 2014.

  3. Amber Holveck Says:

    Used this invocation for the Rotary Club of Oregon City in Oregon, USA, today – July 8, 2015. I really appreciated the inclusion of building up others especially as a Vocational Service Co-Chair. Gave you kudo’s, Shawn!

  4. I plan to use this invocation for the Rotary Club of Winchester, MA today, July 16, 2015. Our guest program will be a performance by talented students from a local chamber music program. This invocation speaks to the work they and their teachers have done together to inspire and learn from one another to achieve a great performance as an ensemble beyond their own individual musical success. Thanks for a great quote!

  5. Bruce Wilson Says:

    Hi Shawn: I am using your “Greatness” invocation at our Rotary meeting in Kelowna. It fits well with the month of May as there is no theme for this month. I like your words and thoughts. If you are ever in Kelowna area, we meet at noon on Tuesdays at the Capri Hotel.
    All the best.
    Bruce Wilson

    • Thanks, Bruce! Please offer my particular greetings to Bob Lemon, who was the reason I became a Rotary Exchange Student. Originally, I was interviewed to represent the Capri club. 🙂 But then the Ok Mission Club was founded, and because I lived in the Mission and attended OKM, I became their very first exchange student, and my alternate, Jodie Slack, went out representing Capri instead. 🙂

      I shall have to try to stop in during the summer. Thanks for the invitation.

  6. Wade Stewart Says:

    Thank you Shawn! This was well-liked by my Tacoma Narrows Rotary club meeting today.

  7. Pam Zulfa Says:

    I will use this for the meeting of Bakersfield Twilight Rotary on January 25, 2017 Pam Zulfa

  8. I plan on using this invocation on Feb. 8 at the Rotary Club of Watsonville. Thank you.

  9. David Small Says:

    I just read your Spring Invocation, and, in spite of the enormous storm that will dump 16-18″ of snow in Portland Maine tomorrow into Wednesday, I intend to read it at this Friday’s meeting, March 17,2017. Thanks. I have used others of yours in the past. Keep ‘me coming!

    • Thanks, David!
      I need to write a few more. I’ve been negligent lately.
      The only thing I know about Portland, Maine is that Stephen King was born there. I was reading a book once, set in Portland, and because I’d been to Portland, Oregon I kept imagining it, except things weren’t making sense. Then I discovered there was an Eastern Portland, too. 🙂

  10. Marc Horner Says:

    Shawn, I plan to use this at our Show Me PETS in Missouri next weekend. Thank you for the inspiring work.

  11. Frank Boyles Says:

    Thanks for your words Shawn. I like you thoughts and will share them with our 45 club attendees tomorrow morning at the Prior Lake, Minnesota Rotary Club Meeting. Thanks again!

  12. Catherine Buck Says:

    Hello Shawn. Great invocation! I’ll be using it at the Rotary Club of Albuquerque tomorrow. Thank you so much!

  13. Joan Says:

    Hello Shawn. I plan to use this “greatness” invocation in today’s rotary meeting in Cambrils (Catalonia, Europe).
    In fact I’ve used other inovations made by you from the Rotary Invocations Blog. Always telling author’s name, of course.

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