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poem- hidden October 18, 2014

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In the hidden folds

a tiny desire rests,

A covert longing,


You sense it’s there

a tiny, unseen lump,

caught in the fibres

of your life.

You ignore it,

though you feel it



You keep it secret.

Until finally

you must pick at it,

stretch threads apart,

catch a corner,

then pulling,

and pulling,

and pulling,

like a silk scarf

from a magician’s wand,




until the room is filled

with the vivid kaleidoscope of colour

the  billowing

reality of your unspoken dreams

coming true.




poem-stitching July 16, 2014

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So long ago

sewing tiny pearl beads

around a gauzy net

to form a bridal halo

stitching dreams together.

Drops of crimson

from pricked fingers

drip upon the silk flower crown

white for purity

red for courage

blood for





Anniversary approaching.  You can see the veil in question on an older post here.


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