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poem-shouting late October 27, 2018

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She’s eighty-nine

and now she tells the story of rape,

of giving up a panopoly of dreams

for the baby boy.

(Shot gun wedding)

Love and happiness can’t be forced,

like sex.

Society forced her silence,

condemned divorce,

when she refused abuse,

and sought in the ashes of her dreams

for a phoenix.

Bitter choices,

dream fragments,

cobbled into a life,

grumbled about now.

Dream stealing beast,

a boy who wouldn’t hear no,

seven decades of curses

don’t erase the bitterness

of loss.



(true story)





poem-wanderer December 28, 2015

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Death walks softly

cloaked in invisibility.

You rose from bed,

settled in your chair,

and Death tapped you on the shoulder;

bid you follow.

But you said, “Wait,

I have something to do.”

You closed your eyes, and arrived in my room.

I felt you there, befuddled and lost, and so I told you

To move toward the light,

I told you I loved you.

I told you to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa.

And you tracked the light, through my bedroom door

up through my roof, and I looked at the clock: 8:37

The moment you left for heaven.


huh? January 5, 2012

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A nurse was walking my father back from the bathroom and turned to me, “You should pick up some Fixodent for him. His teeth are loose, and he’s spitting when he talks.”
I looked at her in confusion. “They make Fixodent for real teeth?”
Now it was her turn for confusion. She looked stunned. “Ninety-seven years old and he still has his teeth?”
I nodded.
“Well. He shouldn’t. They should be falling out.”


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