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poem-wanderer December 28, 2015

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Death walks softly

cloaked in invisibility.

You rose from bed,

settled in your chair,

and Death tapped you on the shoulder;

bid you follow.

But you said, “Wait,

I have something to do.”

You closed your eyes, and arrived in my room.

I felt you there, befuddled and lost, and so I told you

To move toward the light,

I told you I loved you.

I told you to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa.

And you tracked the light, through my bedroom door

up through my roof, and I looked at the clock: 8:37

The moment you left for heaven.


8 Responses to “poem-wanderer”

  1. simono1968 Says:

    Beautifully sad *hugs*

  2. poignant – and this is the anniversary of my Mother’s death, so your poem speaks to me

  3. He sees this, and knows that you were right.

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