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huh? January 5, 2012

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A nurse was walking my father back from the bathroom and turned to me, “You should pick up some Fixodent for him. His teeth are loose, and he’s spitting when he talks.”
I looked at her in confusion. “They make Fixodent for real teeth?”
Now it was her turn for confusion. She looked stunned. “Ninety-seven years old and he still has his teeth?”
I nodded.
“Well. He shouldn’t. They should be falling out.”


One Response to “huh?”

  1. Kim Lindseth (Hayward) Says:

    Hi Shawn, this was so cute, my mother-in-law is also 97 and has her own teeth, when we still lived in PR I had her to the dentist, short of saying he was in awe, he related her life to that of the time of the Titanic, she had a good chuckle.

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