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poem-falling November 21, 2018

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Snow is falling by the window:








Everything is possible;

you don’t need to know.

Just rest at the window,

watch the snow.



poem-decisions November 10, 2018

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Silent chatter

clattering through her mind,

shouting thoughts,

whispered shrieks,

speaking do




Can it be?

Will it be?

Should it be?



Make it so.

Stuttering possibility



poem- sit April 3, 2017

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Isn’t it

lovely to just sit

some days

and watch the world go by,

just spying and rumination

without any kind of expectation.

Isn’t it

lovely to sit

for just a little bit.


poem- deep June 11, 2014

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This isn’t silence

This is you


cogs whirring

thoughts stirring

trolling the bottom

of the ocean

for the solution

to your dilemma,

resolving the conflict

with yourself.


Does it need to be said? April 19, 2012

I talk.

I talk a lot, actually.

I was glad to discover when I did a Meyers Brigg’s Personality Test that this is because I’m an extravert.  That doesn’t just mean I’m noisy; it means that I process my thoughts by speaking them aloud and I gain energy from interacting with other people.  I come to an understanding of issues by talking them through, and after a meeting people I am wired and alert.  This makes it sound so much better than a label like “blabbermouth,” doesn’t it?

But to be honest, sometimes I am just a blabbermouth.  If I’m nervous or excited, I will ramble like crazy.

I was mentioning this today, and was given the most wonderful quote.   I think I may have to make it onto posters and hang it on walls wherever I go.  The person who was telling me about this thought it was from the movie Bernard, but wasn’t sure.

When deciding whether to open one’s mouth, one should consider,

1. Does it need to be said?

2. Does it need to be said by me?

3. Does it need to be said by me right now?

That is inspiring.  Of course, it presupposes that one has the wherewithal to think before one speaks  and that is an entirely different matter…


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