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poem-falling November 21, 2018

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Snow is falling by the window:








Everything is possible;

you don’t need to know.

Just rest at the window,

watch the snow.



5 Responses to “poem-falling”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    Blessedly snared in a length of moments.

  2. Enjoyed the way you created the falling snow with short, one-word lines. It was very effective. I was watching out my window last week as the snowflakes floated down.

  3. brucey Says:

    Snow is pretty, snow is chilly,
    hope your hood is not too hilly.
    Have no choice, I’ve got to drive,
    the roads aren’t salted, will I survive?.
    The wipers freeze and squeak and squeal,
    I should have taken that wiper blade deal.
    Nervous drivers doing 20,
    gawking at crashes ,of which there are plenty.
    Arrive at destination 30 minutes late,
    Welcome to the south, ain’t it just great.

    • I live in the interior of BC, in the mountains. My neighbourhood is all hills in every direction, but at least they sprayed the roads ahead of today’s snowfall. 🙂

      • brucey Says:

        Yes, I just thought you might like a view of how much chaos a few snowflakes cause in southern US. I worked in Norway for several winters, they don’t seem to treat their roads, they just put studded tires on their vehicles

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