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poem-wading August 19, 2014

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Wading through


in search of gems.

Letters from you

lost in the


since Yahoo

decided everything from

WordPress is spam.

I’m journeying

into a black

Carpal tunnel.



one thousand comments! August 15, 2012

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Today, with Deb Palmer’s comment on Drain Kids, I finally reached one thousand comments on my blog.  To get to this point, Akismet has skimmed out 15,435 spam comments.

I hope that capturing so many advertising messages does provide some sort of negative karma to those spammers that waste so much band width!

Thanks to each of you who read and take the time to like posts or to leave a response.  I appreciate your encouragement and support on this literary venture.


spam spam that wonderful meat May 5, 2012

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spam spam the computer treat!

Grrr.  Another notification that I have spam comments.  What is the point of all this wasted computer space?  I have 848 genuine comments on this blog as of today, but Akismet has rescued me from 10,171 spam comments.  TEN THOUSAND!  Good grief.

Thank heaven for Akismet, is all I can say.


irritating numbers November 3, 2011

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I’ve had this blog going since May 2010, posting basically daily since that time. I’ve posted 515 posts, and 755 comments have been left. That’s nice!

Sadly, however, there have been 3,927 spam comments left on this site! That’s 7.63 spam comments per blog post. Akismet catches them for me, but I still have to go through and click to delete them. 3,927 clicks because of some idiots’ efforts to sell X, which I don’t want to buy. What a waste of our time!

BOO spammers!


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