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one thousand comments! August 15, 2012

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Today, with Deb Palmer’s comment on Drain Kids, I finally reached one thousand comments on my blog.  To get to this point, Akismet has skimmed out 15,435 spam comments.

I hope that capturing so many advertising messages does provide some sort of negative karma to those spammers that waste so much band width!

Thanks to each of you who read and take the time to like posts or to leave a response.  I appreciate your encouragement and support on this literary venture.


2 Responses to “one thousand comments!”

  1. Actually, I hope that the positive energy generated by all your positive comments blasts all the spammers to the planet Spamalick and they spend the rest of their existence tied to a table, hooked to a giant mainframe computer, and being fed Spam from a tube stuck down their throat…just sayin’ 🙂

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