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poem- small August 12, 2015

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I am in the pet store, studying dog food

Oh, here you are! I saw your car!

Chat for 30 minutes with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile.

Buy dog food.

Go to fabric store, looking at sewing machines.

Oh, here you are! I saw your car!

Chat for 30 minutes with a friend I saw just last week.

Run into a student.  Oh! What are you doing these days?

Chat for five minutes.

Hey! I know someone who’s hiring in your field, I’ll send you her contact.

Driving down the street, pedestrians wave greetings.

Everywhere you go in a small town

you know you belong.




(and sometimes errands take MUCH longer than planned!) 😉


poem- alliances August 6, 2013

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You never know

it a small town

just where things lie.

That silly one might

be the daughter of the

richest man in town.

That sweet quiet one

might be carving up the

neighbour to feed to the cat.

The kid you bully

might be the teacher’s pet

or the principal’s kid.

Or both.

The athletic one you praise

might be a wash out tomorrow.

The artsy one

might become the town’s

favourite son.

The know-it-all nerd

may buy out your business.

You might decide

how people in town

should behave,

and spread gossip far and wide

but be warned.

In a small town,

you never know

who is connected

to whom,

you might be the one

who burns in the inferno

of your words.



When we moved to a small town, I learned quickly that almost everyone is related to everyone else or has known them forever.  The world of social media is turning the entire planet into a small town, and this becomes truer than ever!  There is no anonymity on the internet.  But the interconnectedness is like the yarn basket after the cats have been playing.  You just never know where the strings lead.  




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