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kilt progress November 19, 2011

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I don’t think I have ever ironed more in my whole life.

I’m making progress on the kilt.  Today I re-measured for the length, waist and hips, and made the first cut of the fabric,   serged all the edges and then hemmed all 7 metres.

Then began the pleating!  The DH wanted it pleated to the sett, and so it is.  Because he’s a big guy, I went with 1″ pleats.  After all the pleats were done at hip level and below, I shaped the waist edge.  The same edges were brought closer, into about 5/8″.  They were pinned and basted down.

And then the rest of the basting was done, measuring, ironing, and fiddling.  I’ve decided to stop for the night since it’s 2 a.m.  The DH will have to try on what I’ve got, and then I’ll actually get sewing down all those pleats, one at a time.  At last count there were 32 of them, but I think I may have added a couple.

With only pins and basting holding it together, here is the front apron:

Here is the back view. I’m really quite proud of my pleating to the sett.  I think it came out wonderfully.  When it’s sewn down, it should be quite impressive, fitting neatly over the hips!  It’s hard to tell there are any pleats at all, at first glance- but they’re there!  Trust me! (or click on the photo below and ‘control +’ to enlarge it and see for yourself.)

A good evening’s work, I think.  I’m looking forward to the first fitting tomorrow!


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