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poem- surprise November 6, 2015

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You cannot make me do this work!

This class is dumb and you’re a jerk.

I will not hand in a single paper

You cannot make me do it later.

Hey, our report cards have arrived

HE FAILED ME? (insert dramatic sighs)

I hate this school!  Look at this report, see-

how all the teachers clearly hate me!

Don’t tell me that they can’t give credit

unless there’s work for them to edit.

Don’t tell me if I don’t show what I can do

then they have nothing to give them a clue.

None of this is my fault, you shrew!

I’m quitting school, so screw each and every one of you!


(This has terrible scansion.  I apologize)


poem- heat June 18, 2015

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Summer bakes us all

we glisten, basted,

glossy, full of scent

on the beach coconut

on the track athletic musk.

The dog lies panting

collapsed in a cool for now spot

We long for air conditioning

and winter ice.



poem- itch January 22, 2015

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I twitch and twitch

and still these stitches itch.

Beneath the cast are plainly massed

all itches of the world

I can not scratch beneath the cast

and so must twitch

and dream of when the itch is fixed.


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