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poem- heat June 18, 2015

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Summer bakes us all

we glisten, basted,

glossy, full of scent

on the beach coconut

on the track athletic musk.

The dog lies panting

collapsed in a cool for now spot

We long for air conditioning

and winter ice.



29 Responses to “poem- heat”

  1. I think truer words have never been spoken about today.

  2. narble Says:

    The Northern people’s lament.

  3. Harold R Says:

    well done…but I live in South Central Texas where it usually is summer all the time 🙂 so I am always longing 🙂

  4. narcissus101 Says:


  5. syl65 Says:

    Heat and humidity here. I feel like the incredible sweaty dude! 🙂

  6. smithaw50 Says:

    We long for winter ice…until we get it. 😉

  7. I just returned from southeast Alaska, where the locals think 70 is torrid.

    • I don’t speak Fahrenheit, but I believe 70 is room temperature- ie. 21 Celsius, right? We were in the high twenties all the last week, which would be in the 80s? It felt pretty torrid when one was outside!

      • It’s more a question of humidity. 21 Celsius in, say Drumheller, would be a tad more comfortable than it would in Vancouver.

      • Absolutely. We’re half way between Vancouver and Calgary on the cusp of the Rockies (1100 feet above sea level) so it is rarely as humid as Vancouver. Though I will say, even in Vancouver I have never felt the humidity I experience going through a tunnel from plane to airport in Minneapolis! It was like a wall of moisture. We were astonished!

  8. georgiakevin Says:

    Another outstanding poem. Those of us who live in Georgia dealing with a month of mid 90s to 100+ degree weather long for icy conditions though that rarely happens. We are in our 5th season HOT that lasts from May until October……………….sigh only 4 months…………………sigh.

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