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magnetic poem- Or Maybe 42? September 6, 2022

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Or Maybe 42? Magnetic poem. (c) Shawn L. Bird

I have a lot of magnetic poetry kits. I really do need to play with them more. Do you have words on your fridge? What poem is there?

Title: Or maybe 42?

Text reads:
you manipulate my world
you judge
this purple dress
You need people.
discover delicate delirious plot
live by iron sea
ancient forest enormous lake
search the empty vision.
sit chant whisper
explore answer to life
it is easy:
make beautiful moments
dream happy eternity
(PS. Do you get the allusion in the title and how it relates to the poem?)


poem-bangles August 20, 2015

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Three brass bangles

Two copper bangles

Artisan wrought

a mature gift to a teenaged babysitter

who couldn’t quite pull them off,

but they stayed in the jewelry box a fond memory

of adorable little boys, a polished professional couple, and a spotless, earthy home.

Enter small daughter to whom the jewelry box

was full of magic, and bangles were magic rings set for a journey.

Journey they did!

What mystical adventure were the copper bangles on for a decade or two?

Four houses later they re-appear in my jewelry box.

If only they could talk.


poem-equal definitions February 26, 2015

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dutiful service





dutiful service


poem-extensions July 15, 2014

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Gifts of

more time or


lengthened hair:

Signs of desperation




Latin inspiration May 8, 2012

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I don’t know why I am so surprised when I discover yet another way in which knowing other languages adds so many layers to the words we use every day.  Beyond that, root words I’ve known forever, suddenly spring into profound meaning with a flash.  Like today.

Consider the Latin root spir.  It means ‘to breathe.’  You know, ‘respiration’ and all that.

Combine it with the prefix in- meaning ‘in’ or ‘on.’

This means inspire translates as ‘in breath’ or ‘on breath’

Oh my.

Breath is an essential aspect of life.  Without breathing, there is no life.

Our creativity is essential to our life.  We are inspired as we are in our breath.

When we are inspired, the doing becomes as natural as breathing.




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