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magnetic poem- Or Maybe 42? September 6, 2022

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Or Maybe 42? Magnetic poem. (c) Shawn L. Bird

I have a lot of magnetic poetry kits. I really do need to play with them more. Do you have words on your fridge? What poem is there?

Title: Or maybe 42?

Text reads:
you manipulate my world
you judge
this purple dress
You need people.
discover delicate delirious plot
live by iron sea
ancient forest enormous lake
search the empty vision.
sit chant whisper
explore answer to life
it is easy:
make beautiful moments
dream happy eternity
(PS. Do you get the allusion in the title and how it relates to the poem?)


2 Responses to “magnetic poem- Or Maybe 42?”

  1. John S Says:

    I love magnetic poetry kits, and don’t use mine enough. Isn’t 42 the answer to everything?😁 great poem.

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