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Hawai’i love March 10, 2011

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For many years

your love

was an ocean:



Your dreams

flowed around you like fish,

swirling with life



and companionship.

The storms came

upon tropic seas


blue waves

rocked you

back to



Firey red

tropical nights

bathed you in



All was well

on the surface.



the waves



You didn’t understand

when steam


on schedule

releasing the stress

beneath the surface

that the day

was coming when it’d

erupt in


broil and

form a solitary island

with a different

perspective on

 the ocean.



is still

a vast ocean.


spreads upon a

limitless horizon.

Climb into your boat:

go fish.

There are many

dreams swirling

in the ocean.


Your smile February 13, 2011

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Your smile

Lingers behind you

Caressing my heart.


I wander

Through my day, dreaming of

Your smile.


Can you

Feel the gaze that

Lingers behind you?


My happiness

Held in your hands

Caressing my heart.



This is a CASCADE poem, a form attributed to Udit Bhatia.  The form has no fixed rhyme or rhythm, but is arranged in stanzas that echo the model of the first stanza.  Each following stanza ends in a subsequent line from the first stanza. 

eg. where letters indicate a line and a grouping is a stanza, the pattern goes like this:  ABC DEA FGB HIC   The longer the first stanza, the longer the poem.


This poem is submitted for the Monday Poetry PotluckIf you are visiting from the Potluck, please include the link to your own submission in your comment to make it easier for others to find you!


Reclining Angels February 7, 2011

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Your warm breath blowing up against my back

can fill the night with peace and with gladness:

A deep abiding sense of happiness.

Your breath’s a metaphor that shows the fact

That nothing in the world is better than

Being held tightly by strong and loving arms

In an embrace that protects from all harm,

An embrace that assures, “I am your man.”

And when I curl into that firm embrace

And place my ice cold feet upon your shins

For that quick quivering gasp that makes me smile,

You pull me tight and tickle with your chin

A bristly kiss that shows there’s no denial.

I’m thankful for the gift of heavenly grace.



(All fixed- iambic pentameter with a solid Petrarchan rhyme scheme! 😉

Submitted as part of Jingle’s Poetry Monday potluck on Love, Romance, and Relationships:   Potluck visitors, please put a link to your potluck post within your comment.  Thanks!


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