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Your smile February 13, 2011

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Your smile

Lingers behind you

Caressing my heart.


I wander

Through my day, dreaming of

Your smile.


Can you

Feel the gaze that

Lingers behind you?


My happiness

Held in your hands

Caressing my heart.



This is a CASCADE poem, a form attributed to Udit Bhatia.  The form has no fixed rhyme or rhythm, but is arranged in stanzas that echo the model of the first stanza.  Each following stanza ends in a subsequent line from the first stanza. 

eg. where letters indicate a line and a grouping is a stanza, the pattern goes like this:  ABC DEA FGB HIC   The longer the first stanza, the longer the poem.


This poem is submitted for the Monday Poetry PotluckIf you are visiting from the Potluck, please include the link to your own submission in your comment to make it easier for others to find you!


21 Responses to “Your smile”

  1. This poem is beautiful – I love it.

    Nice one Shawn,


  2. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    LOVE this:

    “Your smile

    Lingers behind you

    Caressing my heart.”

    Such an amazing thought and emotion!

  3. Brennan Bogert Says:

    This is a great piece and the format definitely attributes it to it.

  4. Cheryl Says:

    This is so sweet and I like the style of it. Cascade, huh? I may have to try that one day. I really like it. And the thought goes perfectly with Valentine’s Day.

  5. Jingle Says:

    romantic and sweet words.
    yeah, when true love occurs, this is it.

    perfect love entry,
    have fun!


    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  6. redroom10 Says:

    I feel the love. Nice one 🙂

  7. fiveloaf Says:

    wow! could feel the love.. happy valentines.. here’s mine..

  8. Very nice and loving. Love the form. Here is my other submission:


  10. Shashi Says:

    Ah!! So soft and simple and straight… liked it very much…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  11. Lisa Says:

    Love this! I’m still really new to actually understanding poetry forms, thanks for teaching us this one.

  12. Kelly Hay Says:

    How lovely … smiles can indeed caress hearts!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  13. Scent of my heart Says:

    A smile can be worth millions! Well done!

  14. Becca Givens Says:

    “… I wander
    Through my day, dreaming of
    Your smile …”

    Absolutely delightful to read and to remember “the times” – thank you for sharing!! becca

  15. tekia Says:

    Like the structure and charm of this piece. It’s a sweet piece. Bravo!

  16. Jessica Says:

    Very clever layout!
    And a lovely sentiment here, a smile caressing a heart..mmm

  17. mairmusic Says:

    Interesting use of repetition w/out rhyme. nicely done.

  18. Pat Cegan Says:

    It is true that we leave our energy where ever we go, negative or positive. With love energy, it is so pure and beautiful that it stays with us and thus your wonderful poem. Thank you, too, for explaining this style of poem. I was not familar with it but like it and will try it out.

    Thank you, too, for visiting me! And your comments on drama. For sure, the classroom is a great place to witness dramas, especially if you teach teens who are masters at creating dramas!.

    Here is my tattered view of love. Hugs, pat

  19. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    Beautiful poem, applies to all the smiles that I miss, written in a wonderful format!

  20. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    “Can you feel the gaze that lingers behind you” Wonderful words!

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