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poem-loon laughter July 21, 2014

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Ghostly calls across the lake

loons declaiming poetry

its harmonic tones drowned 

by strident laughter

in the cabin next door

from a less musical loon.




On the right of the photo, the two small white dots on the water are the loons.


poem-lake love July 19, 2014

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listening to the loons,

with you,

is a precious moment

of forever.




listening on the lake August 15, 2013

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A lone loon

intones a poem

lingering long

across the lake.

Its echoing call’s

a prayer chant.

Summer song

whispered on the water

Lonely loon

listens for his lover

lost in

melancholy memories

of sun sambas on waves.

Haunting ghost calls

as cabins close

and summer dies.



If you haven’t heard a loon call, here is a nice video that captures the mournful quality of their song:


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