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poem-wings November 23, 2016

Creeping along, devouring everything in sight,


wrapped up in strings of your own making

wound up in yourself


waiting for wings.

Patience is a virtue.

You break free, stretch,

the new you quivers with discovery.

You fly,  fill life with sweetness,

bring joy to those who watch you

waltz with the wind


you fall life-less.

The core of you crumbles,

but the breeze captures the wings left behind

and carries them,

curling and flipping

to the sky.



poem-impact July 28, 2016

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We never know

what words will wrap around someone’s heart

and make a day bearable.

We never know

what actions will give strength to someone’s resolve

and encourage tomorrow.



What a gift it is when someone from long ago calls to say that you made a profound difference in their life.  How humbling it is to know that we touch so many people, and to be reminded how important it is to appreciate those we meet from day to day.



poem- four centuries April 23, 2016

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Four centuries

before I was born

Will Shakespeare arrived

on the planet.

Four centuries ago today

Will’s body died

but his voice remains,

his words will still enthrall,

for centuries.






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