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poem- four centuries April 23, 2016

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Four centuries

before I was born

Will Shakespeare arrived

on the planet.

Four centuries ago today

Will’s body died

but his voice remains,

his words will still enthrall,

for centuries.






6 Responses to “poem- four centuries”

  1. Aaaahh me – I do love Shakespeare…indeed his words will live on for centuries more I’m sure. Is that one of the draws of being a writer, the hint at potential future ‘immortality’…? H xx

    • I agree, Harula. Writing books does offer a whiff of immortality. Think about Pliny and Plato. Would they have believed their words would still be read and studied 2000-2300 years later?

  2. He is, indeed, a man for all Ages.

  3. His prolficacy and range of style will continue to be models, centuries from now.

    • Yes, I believe so.
      However, it fascinates me how students’ ability to understand the language has changed just in the last 30 years. I had no difficulty with making sense of Elizabethan English in high school, whereas majority of my students can’t make sense of sentences that should be clear with a bit of common sense. (Hmm). Their minimized speech (text language, etc) seems to be limiting their understanding of many kinds of more challenging texts. They can’t read cursive writing, either.

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