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poem-impact July 28, 2016

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We never know

what words will wrap around someone’s heart

and make a day bearable.

We never know

what actions will give strength to someone’s resolve

and encourage tomorrow.



What a gift it is when someone from long ago calls to say that you made a profound difference in their life.  How humbling it is to know that we touch so many people, and to be reminded how important it is to appreciate those we meet from day to day.



15 Responses to “poem-impact”

  1. Follow your heart, and keep intuition channel open.

  2. What a beautifully honest poem! It’s absolutely true, words have more impact than we think, and small gestures are usually better than the big ones. 🙂

  3. Really beautiful, Shawn!

  4. Prior-2001 Says:

    I agree – we never know the rippling effect!
    And how cool to get a call like that – wow – and it led to this very nice poem!
    Side note-‘just saw Matt Damon on jimmy Fallon and both guys mentioned how amazing some of their teachers were and how they need to thank them- and jimmy Fallon noted how students “spend a lot of time with teachers”
    And that resonated – because teachers often forget how powerful their words (and modeling) really impacts the students – and how many times teachers never get to see the rippling effect –
    And your post also reminded me about the power of words in general!

    • 🙂
      I am always telling students that I want them to look me up in 10 years and tell me what they’re up to. 🙂
      I warn them that I won’t likely recognize their face any more, but I still want to know! lol

      • Prior-2001 Says:

        that is a nice encouragement to give them – and when I saw my teachers at our ten year reunion – not many recognized me – so you are right on that too – have a good day

      • I can sometimes place a kid in the room, even if I don’t have a name anymore. “You sat in the back left, I think?” “You sat smack in the middle of the class, right?” Boys I NEVER recognize. They change so dramatically over the five years after high school. Some girls I recognize, but they usually have to have been in my class for a couple of semesters. The school where I am now, is very small. I remember many of the students from decade ago because I saw them 3 years in a row. Now I’ve been back 3 years, I know most of the kids in the school, and by the time they grad, their names and faces should be thoroughly ingrained!

      • Prior-2001 Says:

        Well three years does help ingrain some of it – but know what you mean with the boys – they can really change.
        One thing that surprises me (with neighbor kids and church friends that I did not see for like five years ) I sorta recognize them and they look like adults – but they are just 15 or 16 and still so young !
        Like my neighbor’s son walked right up to me and hugged me – a small bro hug – he is 6’2″ – and when he was coming my way I was caught off guard and then realized I looked the same to him as I did 5 years ago (pretty much) – but he was way different.
        Anyhow – touching student lives is really where a rich life is grounded…..
        So meaningful – and so keep doing what you do S!

      • Yup. So much change in such a short time!

        I’ll keep plugging at it. I have a few years to go before I’m retired.

  5. Nice! Very encouraging to those who do take the time to try the brighten the days of others!

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